Grand Prairie Police Department Jobs

$62,330 Starting Salary Effective January 1, 2019


GPPD Chief Steve Dye


Grand Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye

On behalf of the Grand Prairie Police Department, I would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in our department. I hope you find the resources you need, but please do not hesitate to call us if you need further assistance or would like to speak, in-person, to one of the members of our department. It is truly my honor and privilege to serve as the GPPD Chief of Police and represent the members of my department who are dedicated to service and partnering with our community to maintain a safe environment with a high quality of life. We strive to accomplish our mission through our core departmental values: commitment to service through community partnerships, innovation and a holistic approach to policing; pride in our appearance, in our professionalism and in safeguarding our community; and respect for our profession and for those we serve. By working together with our residents, volunteers, business owners, faith-based community, school district partners and other city departments, we have created a safe environment in which to live, work and play. We will remain vigilant and dedicated to protecting and serving you.


The Grand Prairie Police Department is dedicated to service and partnering with our community to maintain a safe environment with a high quality of life.


Commitment– to service through community partnerships, innovation and a holistic approach to policing. 
Pride– in our appearance, in our professionalism and in safeguarding our community.
Respect– for our profession and for those we serve.


We Protect and Serve


About Us:

The Grand Prairie Police Department in Grand Prairie, Texas, is continually seeking diverse, highly motivated, community-oriented officers with integrity, who are willing to face a variety of challenges and responsibilities. We are committed to working in partnership with the residents of our growing community to provide a safe, secure environment to enhance the quality of life for over 192,000 Grand Prairie residents.

  • Grand Prairie Police Department's authorized strength is now 270 officers.
  • In 2017 we received 202,213 calls for service.

Recent Top Accomplishments

  • Amongst the Top 10 of the Safest Cities in Texas of 34 cities with a population over 100,000
  • Implementation of the Bicycle Unit designed to protect our retail assests & attack crime hot spots
  • 2nd Annual Cowboy Cops Rodeo benefiting Special Olympics - 20K Donation to Special Olympics Texas
  • Formation of the Case Processing Office
  • Midnight Basketball at YMCA
  • Cops-N-Kids Fishing event
  • Creation of “Two Way Street” program to ehance youth & police interaction
  • Blue/Red Run benefitting Texas Police Chief’s Foundation
  • Passage of a convenience/dollar store ordinance
  • Citizens on Patrol (COPS) Awarded the “Membership of the Year” award
  • Created the Family Violence Lethality Assessment to help prevent domestic violence
  • Created the Eagle Eyes program to educate our public on how to help us prevent and reduce property crimes
  • Creation of the School Resource Officer K-9 Position

Kind of Work:

Grand Prairie police officers work to enforce state and municipal laws in order to ensure the safety of the City’s citizens. This is accomplished by investigating criminal offenses; providing community outreach; preparing and presenting criminal cases; assisting with accidents; responding to disturbance calls; and participating in specialized investigations. Other duties include performing minor vehicle and office maintenance; and interacting with other City employees and citizens.

Applicants must have a general capacity to perform tasks required of peace officers, including (but not limited to) capability of unassisted performance of physical agility tasks reflective of peace officer duties. These will include capacity to run, jump, turn, pivot, stoop, climb and execute similar movements; push, lift, remove, install and otherwise handle objects and persons weighing 50-200 pounds, and subdue resisting individuals by exercise of physical force so as to take into custody and transport them against their will.

Newly hired police officers will be assigned to patrol duties for a minimum of 2 years before being eligible for other assignments. Interested officers may wish to expand the range of experience by transferring into other fields available to them such as Detectives, Traffic Enforcement, Community Service, Training, Tactical Team and many others.

“People, Service & Integrity”