Grand Prairie Police Department Jobs


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The information provided below is for general information purposes only. The following is a highlight of the advantages that await you as an employee of the city. Full details are contained in the legal documents that govern our individual plans, policies and procedures. The City of Grand Prairie reserves the right to change or alter this information at any time. The receipt of this information does not constitute an offer of employment or an employment contract.

Military Veterans

Military veterans hired as police recruits can receive additional pay from the VA, under the GI Bill, while they are attending the Grand Prairie Police Academy.

Lateral Entry Program

The Grand Prairie Police Department offers a Lateral Entry Program for experienced Police officers. If you qualify for the Lateral Entry Program, your starting salary will correspond with your experience and size of your current agency.

Take-Home Vehicle Program

A Take-Home Vehicle Program is available for Patrol Officers.

Pay Scale as of January 1, 2019

Certification Pay


Advanced: $80

Monthly Incentive Pay

Associate Degree: $50
Bachelor's Degree: $100
Field Training Officer: $175
Language Pay: $100
Shift Differential: $125
  • Recruit: $62,330
  • Officer - 1 Year: $65,446
  • Officer - 2 Years: $68,715
  • Officer - 3 Years: $72,157
  • Officer - 4 Years: $75,772
  • Officer - 5 Years: $79,560
  • Officer - 6-14 Years: $83,538
  • Officer - 15+ Years: $86,035
Holidays and Vacation
  • 80 hours of holiday pay per year
  • 15 Vacation days per year
  • 20 Vacation days per year after 15 years of service

Accrual Rate for Civil Service - Police/Fire (40 hr/week)

  • 12 days per year for the first year
  • 15 days per year for 2-15 years
  • 20 days per year for 16+ years
Medical Benefits
  • 15 sick days per year
  • Medical, dental and vision plans (Costs vary by plan, and coverage is effective on the first of the following month after hired. Employees have the choice to OPT OUT of the city's medical coverage, as long as you provide proof of coverage elsewhere.)
  • The City also offers life insurance, long-term disability benefit, retirement benefits, employee assistance program, deferred compensation, workers' compensation and salary supplement program, longevity pay and stability pay.
  • The city of Grand Prairie contributes to the Texas Municipal Retirement System at a rate of 2 to 1 up to 7% and employees are vested after 5 years.
  • The City of Grand Prairie offers a 20-year retirement plan.