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First Steps to Call for Change

The Grand Prairie Police Department has been working for years to operate in stark contrast to what was seen on the George Floyd video. But, residents may not know that. Many may only see the similarities in the uniforms police wear. You may have had an encounter with local police that is at odds with social justice. Recognizing that, while we believe the Grand Prairie police department has been a leader for some time on these issues and continues to model the best in community policing behavior, we all agree we can do more.

First Steps in Answering Calls for Change Letter / PDF

Social Racial and Justice Resolution
GPPD Policies
GPPD Responsibilities
How GPPD Connects with Our Community

Grand Prairie Police UNITY in our CommUNITY Rally

Thank you to those who joined us Friday to show the world what a city of LOVE and UNITY looks like!

Juneteenth Unity Rally 2020

Event hosted by GPPD, NAACP and LULAC commemorates Juneteenth and promotes unity in the community.

GPPD Chief Daniel Scesney Message About George Floyd

Chief Scesney reflects on impact of George Floyd death.

Protest To Progress | Dallas Cowboys 2020

This video was produced by the Dallas Cowboys. It is a “teaser” for the Protest to Progress series that captures the issues of the day. The Cowboys partnered with your Grand Prairie Police Department to initiate a meaningful discussion in our nation.

GPPD Community Unity