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To qualify for a Texas Department of Insurance 5% premium reduction certificate your home must meet the following guidelines.

  1. Exterior Doors: Must be solid core wood or metal clad, 1 3/8” thick and secured by a dead-bolt lock. This also includes the passage door from the house to the garage.
  2. Locks: Deadbolt locks must lock with a minimum bolt throw of one inch, which penetrates a metal striker plate. There also need to be 3” screws attaching the strike plate.
  3. Double Doors: Must meet the specifications for exterior doors and have an inactive door secured by header and threshold bolts that penetrate a metal striker plate.
  4. Sliding Glass Doors: Must be secured by a secondary locking device that prevents lifting and prying.
  5. Windows: Must be secured by an auxiliary locking device or be drilled and pinned.
  6. Garage Doors: Must be secured by a locking device or have a garage door opener installed.

To qualify for an additional 15% premium reduction certificate you must have an alarm system that meets the following criteria in addition to the above listed requirements:

  1. Alarm System: All exterior openings must be connected to the alarm system, system must have an interior and exterior siren installed, be UL approved and monitored by a UL approved company. (All exterior windows, doors, and garage doors.)

For an appointment contact a Crime Prevention Officer:

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