Neighborhood Watch

Each year, 10 million serious crimes – more than half of the nation's total – go unreported. That's why Neighborhood Watch was initiated.

The Neighborhood Watch program is simply you and your neighbors working together and with your local police to reduce criminal opportunity on your streets.

Neighborhood Watch operates to educate participants in the principles of deterrence, delay and detection. The program depends on a communication network organized with three levels of participants – the resident, block captains and co-captains, and a local law enforcement representative.

The Grand Prairie Police Department needs your help to function effectively. Police officers that patrol your neighborhood regularly could be called away on an emergency or may not be able to recognize a stranger in your yard.

But your neighbors are there. They know you and your family, what type of car you drive and when you will be away. Your neighbor could be the first to spot a burglar in your window or a strange car in your driveway.

Vigilante actions are in no way condoned by the Neighborhood Watch program. No one is asked to take personal risks or be a hero.

But think about what may happen if you didn't call and think of how important and effective it is to join with the police in a cooperative effort of reducing criminal opportunity in your neighborhood.

How do I participate?

Contact your area's Crime Prevention Officer Greg New at 972-237-7545.