Investigative Services Bureau

Auto Theft

The auto theft section consists of 1 Sergeant and 4 detectives and handles approximately 1,000 auto theft investigations each year. The section is responsible for investigating motor vehicle thefts and related crimes including stolen vehicle recoveries and “chop shops” with multiple thefts and multiple offenders. The section also investigates the thefts of motorcycles, vehicle burglaries, unauthorized use of motor vehicle cases, cargo theft, and 18 wheeler thefts.

Ways to assist in the reduction of auto theft:

  • Park in a well lighted area.
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition.
  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Use an anti-theft deterrent device.

Ways to assist if your vehicle is stolen:

  • Know or record your license plate and vehicle identification number.
  • Know or record your insurance information.

VIN Inspections

The Auto Theft Unit performs VTR-68-A (VIN Inspections) free of charge for Grand Prairie residents only (with proof of address; no businesses). No commercial vehicles/trailers of any kind will be inspected. A VTR-68-A is required for the following transactions:

  • A vehicle is missing the VIN plate
  • Assembled vehicles
  • Homemade or shop-made trailers
  • An application for a bonded title on an out of state vehicle that does not have a Texas record
  • Vehicles imported from another country
  • Any other transaction as specifically requested by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

View the Auto Impound page for information on when these inspections are offered, or call the VIN Inspections Information Line at 972-237-8701 (automated message).

Auto Theft Contact

Phone: 972-237-8750

Crime Scene

A crime scene search can be described as a planned, coordinated and legal search by law enforcement officials to locate physical evidence. The successful investigation and prosecution of crimes requires, in most cases, the collection, preservation and forensic analysis of evidence, which can be crucial to demonstrations of guilt or innocence.

The Crime Scene Investigations Division of the Grand Prairie Police Department's Criminal Investigations Bureau collects physical evidence in the field as well as performing initial evidence testing in our modern crime lab facility. Further analysis, when necessary, is performed by regional forensic labs, such as the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences at Dallas, or the FBI Laboratory in Washington, D.C. The Grand Prairie Police Department utilizes two "Mobile Crime Labs" for CSI operations.

The Grand Prairie Police Department has a staff of civilian investigators and police officers who are specially trained, equipped and assigned to collect physical evidence at the scene of a crime. This includes the recovery of latent prints; recovery of shoe, tool and tire impressions; photographing crime scenes; preparing crime scene sketches; collecting, preserving, and transmitting physical evidence, including biological materials; and comparing latent fingerprints and palm prints.

Crime Scene Contact

Phone: 972-237-8750

Crimes Against Children

The Crimes Against Children unit of the Investigative Services Bureau conducts investigations where violent crimes are committed against children under the age of 17.

This includes aggravated sexual assault, indecency with a child, aggravated assault, pornography, and child abandonment. The Unit also assists Child Protective Services in their investigations.

Crimes Against Children Contacts

Contact Phone
Sergeant Barry 972-237-8761
Detective Bonilla 972-237-4702
Detective Coomer 972-237-8752
Detective McGee 972-237-8767
Detective Monroe 972-237-4748
Detective H. Orosco 972-237-4171
Detective Thomas 972-237-8847
Detective Branum 972-237-8896
Detective Poor 972-237-8898

Criminal Intelligence Unit

Functions of the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU)

Tactical Analysis

  • Provides information to assist operations personnel (patrol and investigative officers) in the identification of specific and immediate crime problems and the arrest of criminal offenders. Analysis data is used to promote a quick response to field situations.

Strategic Analysis

  • Concerned with long-range problems and projections of long-term increases or decreases in crime (crime trends). Also includes the preparation of crime statistical summaries and the provision of resource positions.

Administrative Analysis

  • Focuses on the provision of economic, geographic, or social information to administrators. Tasks include special research projects and city council reports.

Criminal Intelligence Unit Hotline

Phone: 972-237-8669

CIU UAS State Report

Download(XLSX, 36KB)

Domestic Crimes Unit

The Grand Prairie Domestic Crimes Unit is assigned to investigate reported incidents of violence among family or household members and intimate partner violence.

The Unit is comprised of detectives and victim assistance personnel whose responsibility is to investigate domestic violence related crimes.

The Unit seeks to keep Grand Prairie families safe, stop domestic abuse and end the cycle of violence that threatens our community.

Domestic Crimes Detectives Phone
Sergeant B. Smeal 972-237-8731
Detective K.Miller 972-237-4758
Detective S. Hawes 972-237-8957
Detective K. Schwartz 972-237-8934
Detective N. Nowak 972-237-8791


The Gang Unit of the Investigative Services Bureau conducts investigations into crimes and illegal activities that involve suspects with gang affiliations. The Gang Unit identifies and monitors gang members and their activity working closely with other agencies to curtail gang issues.

Grand Prairie Gangs Unit Contact

Phone: 972-237-4771


Parents Guide to Gangs(PDF, 8MB)

Guía sobre las pandillas para los padres (Spanish)(PDF, 8MB)

For more gang-related information and materials, visit the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Web site at

National Youth Gang Center
Phone: 850-385-0600, ext. 224

Identity Theft/Financial Crimes

If you are a resident of the city of Grand Prairie and have been a victim of identity theft, you may complete an Identity Theft Packet by clicking on one of the links below. Please fill out the Identity Theft Packet and then drop it off or mail it to the Grand Prairie Police Department at the following address:

Grand Prairie Police Department
Attn: Investigative Services-Identity Theft
1525 Arkansas Lane
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Reports should be detailed with as much information as possible such as (dates/times/suspect information, addresses). Reports are reviewed as they come in and cases with limited information or with no leads are not assigned to an investigator. Your case will be evaluated and if an investigator is able to follow-up on your case you will be contacted.

Unfortunately we are not able to follow-up on or investigate each and every report filed with our department. We are not able to go to locations and obtain videos or other evidence on cases that have been reviewed, and then placed on inactive status.

If your checks, credit/debit card are being used fraudulently we will only pursue charges on behalf of the person or business who has suffered the monetary loss. Many times the financial institutions reimburse you for the "monetary loss" that you have suffered which makes them the complainant. As a courtesy to you, the account holder, the Grand Prairie Police Department will allow you to initiate an offense report. Many times you can provide this information to the credit bureaus or your creditors to help clear your financial situation.

ID Theft/Financial Crimes Contacts Phone
Sergeant Azuelo 972-237-8673
Detective Hudson 972-237-8755
Detective Allen 972-237-8765
Detective Garcia 972-237-4746

Major Crimes Unit

The Major Crimes Unit investigates both adult and juvenile crimes including criminal homicide, robbery, assault, harassment and missing persons. The Major Crimes Unit is also responsible for investigating "cold" cases.

Major Crimes Unit Contact Phone
Sgt. Tracy Hinson 972-237-8777
Det. Dillion Sullivan 972-237-8735
Det. Ben Olson 972-237-8929
Det. Adrian Renteria 972-237-7556
Det. Jeremy Massey
Det. Jeff Sonza 972-237-8849
Det. Patrick McComb 972-237-8967
Det. Zach Miles 972-237-4719
Det. Aaron Martinez 972-237-8778
Civilian Investigator Mau Pahulu 972-237-8751

Narcotic Unit

The Narcotics Unit is assigned to the Investigative Services Bureau and is tasked with investigating quality of life issues in our community, with their primary focus being on street-level narcotic enforcement.

They follow up on Crime Stopper’s Tips as well as citizen complaints involving narcotic trafficking that are called into the Special Investigations Unit. They routinely assist other law enforcement agencies, as well as other units within the Grand Prairie Police Department. Some, but not all, of their duties include developing informants; obtaining and executing narcotic search warrants; making arrests; conducting surveillance of criminal organizations; issuing citations, as well as performing various other law enforcement duties. The unit reports to the sergeant over the Special Investigations Unit.

Narcotic Unit Contact

Phone: 972-641-0987 or 972-641-0988

Property Crimes Unit

If you have been the victim of a property crime, or need further assistance contact the Property Crimes Unit.

Property Crime Unit Contact

Phone: 972-237-8750

A Proactive Approach to Helping Victims of Property Crimes

The Grand Prairie Police Department is kindly asking citizens to please record serial numbers, makes, models, brands and any other identifying information for your valuables. In the event that you are a victim of a property crime, taking the time to record your information now could help you recover your property during an investigation. Items that are commonly targeted include TV’s, gaming systems such as Xbox, Wii, and PlayStations, IPODS, computers, laptops, lawn equipment, coins, and most importantly, weapons.

It is recommended that two copies be kept of these records in a safe place in case they are ever needed. This information is solely for your records and would only be needed in the event that you become a victim of a property crime. We appreciate you taking a few minutes of your time now to record the identifying information for your valuables.

Download Property Inventory Form(PDF, 52KB)

Property Crimes Unit Phone
Sergeant Azuelo 972-237-7582
Detective Bodner 972-237-8912
Detective Buresh 972-237-8538
Detective Hight 972-237-8940
Detective Stout 972-237-2061
Detective Ibanez 972-237-8702
Detective LaRue 972-237-8773
Detective Monroe 972-237-8802
Detective Jefferson 972-237-4709
Detective Bowron 972-237-8597
Civilian Investigator Hayden (Pawn Shops Liaison) 972-237-8613

Missing Children and Runaways

Citizens should contact 911 to make the initial report if a missing individual is an adult, a runaway juvenile, child, a senior citizen, senile, mentally or physically impaired and is missing from the City of Grand Prairie.

Missing Children and Runaways Contact

Missing Person Investigator, Alyssa Heep
Phone: 972-237-8751


All Children's Home (ACH) is a non-profit children and family services agency offering emergency youth shelter for homeless and runaway youth, ages 10-17 years old.

Dallas Children's Advocacy Center (DCAD) improves the lives of abused children in Dallas County.

Tarrant County Juvenile Services operates a justice organization that supports victim rights and community safety while fostering productive, responsible behavior for youth and families.

Teen Help includes information on parenting teenagers, troubled teens, teen issues, treatment programs, and other related topics.

Texas Department of Public Safety Missing Persons Clearinghouse is a central repository for information on missing and unidentified persons in Texas.

U.S. Department of State helps send messages to missing Americans abroad.

Victim Services

Visit the Victim Services Unit Web page for information on crisis intervention, advocacy and support services to crime victims.

Victim Services Coordinators

Main Line: 972-237-8796

Jennifer Guzman


Whitney Martin

Phone: 972-237-8803

Major Crimes
 (homicide, non-family assaults, robberies and kidnapping)
Domestic Crimes (family assaultive offensive, violation of protective orders and harassments)
Child Crimes (all crimes involving children 14 and younger)
Traffic Crimes (intoxication assault, failure to stop and render aid, and DWI with injuries)