COPE Program (Community Outreach Partnership and Education)

What is COPE?

The Grand Prairie Police Department’s COPE initiative stands for “Community Outreach Partnership and Education.” This information-sharing program allows first responders to have immediate access to helpful information when encountering those in a mental health crisis.

Our first responders are dedicated to partnering with our citizens with disabilities, and it is our proactive goal to have a program in place to assist. In the event a person is unable to properly identify themselves, or becomes lost/disoriented, or might act in a manner that could be misinterpreted by first responders, this information could be accessed rapidly.

How does COPE work?

This is a 100% VOLUNTARY program with a registration process online and in-person. Citizens are able to provide demographic information, a current digital picture of themselves or loved one, and emergency contacts along with supporting medical documentation. If a police officer encounters a person enrolled in COPE, the officer can query an in-house confidential database searching by name, location or license plate. Once the individual’s information has been located, the officer can appropriately assist the person.

Who is eligible to participate in COPE?

This program is designed for members in our community who might have difficulty expressing needs or may require assistance from first responders. Disabilities include Alzhemiers/dementia, Autism, intellectual developmental disabilities, and mental health disorders.

How to Apply / Enroll

To begin the enrollment process, apply for COPE Program online, or Download COPE Program Application.(PDF, 2MB)

Apply for COPE Program Online

To enroll someone other than yourself, you must provide paperwork showing legal representation. Once the application has been submitted, a meeting will be scheduled with the GPPD Crisis Response Supervisor to complete the registration process.

We strongly encourage updated photographs of enrolled persons and supporting medical documentation be uploaded with the application. 

Crisis Support Unit

The Grand Prairie Police Department’s Crisis Support Unit is designed to assist those who are visiting or live within our community that are experiencing a mental health crisis. The unit consists of 2 co-responder teams that partner a masters level, licensed mental health professional, with a specially trained and TCOLE certified mental health peace officer.

This team rides together and are available to assist in a variety of ways. The goal of the crisis support unit is to reduce the stigma of mental health, mitigate the fear associated with law enforcement, and provide a coordinated response and follow up to those in need. Learn more about the Grand Prairie Crisis Support Unit.