Detention Officer Careers

Working in a Jail Environment

Working in the Grand Prairie Detention Center is exciting and challenging. Detention Officers are responsible for the daily operation of the jail. Duties include booking, fingerprinting and photographing arrested persons, classifying, supervising activities and releasing jail inmates.

The Grand Prairie Police Department is a professional organization offering job stability, room for advancement, training in the latest detention center techniques and equipment, and an excellent retirement plan. We are looking for individuals who possess good decision making skills, good judgment, can handle pressure, are dependable, possess emotional control and above all, have impeccable integrity.

Apply for a Detention Officer Job



Min: $24.00/hour
Mid: $29.16/hour
Max: $35.66/hour

Team Lead

Min: $27.00/hour
Mid: $31.78/hour
Max: $38.86/hour


Min: $34.00/hour
Mid: $37.76/hour
Max: $46.17/hour


  • Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent;
  • must be a U.S. citizen;
  • at least 18 years of age;
  • a valid Class C Texas driver’s license and a good driving record;
  • the ability to pass a thorough background check;
  • No conviction of a Class B misdemeanor or above;
  • Psychological assessment, physical exam, polygraph and drug screening are also required.
  • Work 12-hour shift, weekends and holidays.

Driver's License

Applicants must possess a valid Texas driver’s license and have no more than two events (moving violations or accidents) in the 24 months preceding the date of application. Out of state applicants may apply, but must obtain a Texas driver’s license upon employment with the city.


  • Applicants will undergo a background investigation.
  • Applicants with felony convictions will not be considered for employment;
  • applicants cannot be on probation for any offense on the date of application;
  • no DWI/DUI convictions within the last 120 months/10 years;
  • and no applicant may be certified as eligible for appointment to the position of Detention Officer whose drug usage does not comply with those standards set by the City of Grand Prairie Civil Service Commission.


All applicants must provide the following documentation at time of application:

  • Birth Certificate (original or certified copy);
  • Form DD-214