Open Carry Law

The House Bill 910, allows individuals that carry a valid Concealed Handgun License or CHL, to carry a handgun visible on their person.

Whether you possess a valid Concealed Handgun License or not, GPPD is encouraging all citizens to educate themselves on Texas’ Open Carry Law.

As with the current concealed handgun laws, businesses may opt to ban permit holders from openly carrying a weapon on their premises by displaying a sign that bears language that is outlined in the new law.

The following signs are examples and can be used as guidelines:

You will notice the signs are similar, however according to Texas Law if you wish to prohibit both concealed and open carry you must display both signs for laws 30.06 and 30.07. You are also required to have both signs in English and Spanish. Businesses have the option to prohibit either open carry, concealed carry or both.