Video Alarm Response

The Grand Prairie Police Department video alarm response initiative is aimed at reducing crime, increasing criminal apprehensions and lowering the number of false alarms. GPPD's response will remain unchanged to all traditional burglar alarms; however, responses to video alarms will be given a higher priority as these new alarm systems utilize technology to increase efficiency of available resources.

The vast majority of traditional alarm calls are false alarms with low arrest rates. In contrast, monitored video alarms can help confirm an actual burglary in-progress and have much higher arrest rates. This video alarm initiative partners law enforcement, homeowners, business owners, the alarm industry and insurance companies toward the reduction of property losses and increased safety and security in our community.

Video Alarm Systems FAQ

What about privacy? I don’t want “big brother” looking into my home or business

Different brands of video alarms have different features. There are video alarm systems that focus on privacy. These are not surveillance systems, but intrusion alarms. There is no “look-in” capability. The system must be armed and the motion sensor tripped to activate the camera. There is only a short video of what caused the alarm. The monitoring station uses this short video clip to confirm a crime in progress.

What about cost? I already have an alarm system and I don’t want to buy another one.

Alarm companies are offering “upgrades” to existing alarm systems that add video verification to your current alarm, without changing the keypad, codes, or other sensors. These upgrades are a cost effective approach to build upon the value of your current system.

Will Grand Prairie Police continue to respond to my alarms?

Grand Prairie will continue to respond to traditional alarms as they have in the past.  However, video alarms will be dispatched at a higher priority as a crime in-progress.