Police Equipment Specialist Careers

This position will support the Police Department's specialized equipment and fleet by maintaining, upgrading, troubleshooting, modifying, replacing, and providing end-user guidance and assistance on related equipment and devices.

Will serve as the liaison with third-party vendors, Fleet Services, and IT on related matters.

Apply for a Police Equipment Specialist Position


  • $19.50 - $25.47 Hourly

Essential Job Functions

  • Maintains, troubleshoots, and provides end-user guidance on the use of police vehicle equipment, including lights and sirens, cameras, computer docks, and other aftermarket equipment. 
  • Serves as liaison with Fleet Services regarding vehicle maintenance, recalls, damage repair, and placing new vehicles in service.
  • Inspects damaged vehicles for aftermarket equipment needing replacement.   Assists with ordering and coordinates installation of replacement equipment.  May perform minor aftermarket equipment installation labor.        
  • Serves as liaison with IT Department for vehicle equipment issues requiring their support.
  • Load all new vehicles with necessary aftermarket equipment to be sent to installation vendor.  Inspects all new vehicles prior to placement in service. 
  • Maintains spare aftermarket equipment inventory and spare vehicle key inventory.