Police Officer Application and Testing

The Grand Prairie Police Department is continually seeking diverse, highly motivated, community-oriented officers with integrity, who are willing to face a variety of challenges and responsibilities. We are committed to working in partnership with the residents of our growing community to provide a safe, secure environment to enhance the quality of life for the 200,640 Grand Prairie residents.

A career with the Grand Prairie Police Department offers a variety of assignments with opportunity for advancement. We offer a competitive salary, great medical and retirement benefits.

Grand Prairie Police have specialized units in Lake Patrol, School Resource Officers, Motorcycle Squad, Tactical Teams, SWAT, Detectives, Traffic Enforcement, Community Service, Training and many others.

Upcoming Test

Exam Date: Saturday, September 14, 2024
Exam Time: 08:00 a.m. CST (check-in begins at 07:00 a.m.)

**For applicants who pass both the written and physical portions, we will be conducting Oral Review interviews immediately following. 

Please make plans to attend should you pass the written and physical portion.  Contact pdrecruiting@gptx.org for more information.**


Eligibility Lists

View the Police Entrance Exam Eligibility List(PDF, 195KB)  for May 18, 2024.


Applicants must provide the following documentation no later than the deadline of application:

  • Form DD-214 - Applicants with military service will have 5 points added to their passing raw test score provided they submit a DD-214 reflecting an honorable discharge.

Please contact our Police Recruiting Department for more details at: pdrecruiting@gptx.org.


Personal History Statement

Please print the Personal History Statement(PDF, 2MB)  and bring a completed, signed copy with you to the test site. If you are unable to print and fill it out, a copy will be provided to you on the day of the test.

All applicants must provide the following documentation at time of application:

  • Birth Certificate (original or certified copy)
  • Form DD-214 - Applicants with military service will have 5 points added to their passing raw test score provided they submit a DD-214 reflecting an honorable discharge.

If you have trouble uploading or submitting documentation, please contact the Human Resources Department at 972-237-8192.

Testing Process

Screening for minimum qualifications

On the day of the Civil Service Exam, we will conduct the following:

  • A written test designed to evaluate knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position of police officer. You are not expected to know police rules, regulations or procedures, but rather reason and think like a police officer. The test structure consists of 160 multiple choice questions drawing general reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and memorization.
  • 1.5 mile run (15:26) for all applicants who pass the written exam
  • 300 meter run within 62 seconds
  • 26 push-ups with no time limit
  • 30 sit-ups within 60 seconds

Testing to be conducted later:

  • Panel interview
  • Character/background investigation including photography and finger printing
  • Polygraph examination
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Drug testing
  • Medical examination

Applicants who are not certified as Texas peace officers are required to complete the Grand Prairie Police Academy. Upon successful completion, police recruits will be assigned to the patrol division for 17 weeks of field training.

The Grand Prairie Police Department has three full-time personnel officers assigned to the recruiting and background investigation functions.

They are responsible for recruiting qualified candidates for the positions of Police Officer, Detention Officer and Emergency 911 Dispatchers. This mission is achieved by attending career fairs, community events, military bases and college campuses.

The personnel officer guides the Police Officer candidate through each step of the testing process – from the initial written exam, to the final interview with the Chief of Police. During the selection process the personnel officer will be the most important person in the department to the applicant. The personnel officer will set appointments for review boards, psychological testing, polygraph examination, medical examination, and conduct the extensive background investigation into the applicants past.

The personnel officer is fair but thorough, making sure that only the most qualified men and women are commissioned as Grand Prairie Police Officers.

Police Officer Qualifications


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