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  • Police & Fire Public Safety Building in Grand Prairie

A Communications Specialist operates telephone and radio equipment to receive emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance from citizens, coordinates all police, fire, ambulance and other emergency requests in a timely and professional manner and performs a host of support duties related to Emergency Communications.


Emergency Services Team

Highly skilled Emergency Communications employees work side by side with city, local, state and federal agencies to provide the highest quality of service to our citizens. Emergency Communications work can be challenging, but highly rewarding. As a Community Liaison, we play a large role in protecting and saving lives on a daily basis.

Essential Job Functions 

  • Skillfully respond, in tandem with Police and Fire teams, to requests from the community 
  • Utilizing telephone, radio and computer systems to communicate with our community and other first responders 
  • Prioritize emergency and non-emergency request for assistance 
  • Make quick decisions in emergency situations in the interest our community members and other first responders 
  • Perform general clerical and support duties, relative to Public Safety 

Pay / Salary

Skill Based Pay Plan Salary Per Year
Communications Specialist I Starting: $34,455 yr
Top out: $46,524 yr
Communications Specialist II Starting: $47,413 yr
Top out: $57,628 yr
Communications Supervisor Starting: $60,607 yr
Top out: $70,046 yr


We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends, so flexibility in your schedule is a must. After graduating the Communications Academy, you will be assigned to 1 of 4 teams, working a 12 hour shift that meets the needs of the Emergency Communications Center.

Background / Character
Driver’s License